Crafted just for Students, like you !

Beginner Programs

Price Per Person
  • 4 Week Project or Article
  • You bring in other 3 members (friends)

Intermediate Programs

Price Per Person
  • 6 Week Project or Article
  • You bring in other 3 members (friends)

Advanced Programs

Price Per Person
  • 8 Week Project or Article
  • You bring in other 3 members (friends)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

From Students

Why do I need a team ?

We believe that Team Work especially for Projects or Research work is important as that is what happens in the real work scenario.

What do you mean by Independent Instructors ?

This means that the Instructors are NOT an employee at Projedly. They have full time roles at other organizations and they just free-lance here. We believe this will ensure students get to work with right talent and not just random Trained graduates again as Instructors

Why Should I bring in my friends ?

Projedly works need a team as mentioned above. When its your friends, you already have a bond with them and get to work more productively. 

Also as our Introductory offer, we provide massive discount when you bring in your Own friends. This helps our team too !

Will I get any Certificate ?

Yes. But it is a Letter of Project / Article Completion which is issued ONLY when your team submits the Report.

You can expect Individual Letter to team members within 2 working days from the day you handover the report.

Is this a recorded Course or Live Sessions ?

It is entirely LIVE. For a 1 month work, you will have 8 sessions with your Instructors for 90 minutes each (2 days per week for 4 weeks).

Few Reference Materials maybe provided by your Instructor. But you can discuss and post your questions in the Discussion Panel to your Instructors any time.

Where will the Live Sessions take place ?

Once a Team has formed and enrolled for a Project / Article, we will create a Private Virtual Group for your team along with Instructor in the Platform. You can find it under the Teams Page.

Each Group will have an In-Built Forum and Video-Call room exclusively for the Members and the Instructor.

How will support be provided ?

To discuss about the work, each Team has a Discussion panel where you can comment your queries to Instructors. 

For technical queries about the website or platform, please raise us a Ticket in the Help Desk and we will get back to you.

Will I get a refund if I am unsatisfied ?

We are committed to make sure you have a very smooth experience with the Instructor and Platform. 

Since a Team has many members involved, Refund is Conditionally Possible but will depend on thorough evaluation of your difficulty. 

From Instructors

Should I be available Full Time ?

Definitely Not. For LIVE Session/Tutorial with the students, just mention the Two Days of Week that you will be available and 90 minutes of those days the Evening Time (6 PM – 9 PM). 

On the other days, you can just answer Students doubt in the Discussion Forum of the Team Group

What is the Payment Terms ?

Even though our ultimate Intention is to provide access to Quality education to many Students, practically we have to cover costs with running the platform and employing people for the same.

As an Introductory Pricing, we have our Commission Charge at 42% of the mentioned Selling Price.