Welcome to Projedly

A unique and exciting way to learn

Projedly was created to solve what most Online Elearning Platforms could not provide. So we have designed this platform to be more than a Course Website. 

Only PhD Scholars as Instructors

Work in your own Teams along with the Instructor

LIVE sessions with Instructors

Submit the Project Report to get the Certificate

We work on


A smart and modern Collaborative workspace

Goodbye, Lonely Courses

“Make teams of 4 and work on a Project“. Projects require massive team work and that is how Projedly is designed. You will collaborate and work with other members in the project. This will give you the real life work environment simulation than to do Online Courses alone.

It's done LIVE !

No More Recorded Lectures. When you work on something that is going to be a milestone in your CV, you need Expert Instructor Guidance to help you. Projedly has been conceived keeping in mind this connection between you and the instructor. 

And a real Hard Earned Credit

Online Courses have become very noisy that watching videos equals gaining certificate. But Projects at Projedly are more worthy to spend your time on. Submit a 4-page Project Report to get the Letter of Project Completion from your Instructor.